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Bruce Colgate — Prior to the start of Alliance Video and Post, Bruce Colgate was an on-staff Director and Director of Photography for EagleVision, Inc. He served as Director of Photography and Co-Producer of the successful PBS American Masters Special “Jack Paar: As I Was Saying”, the third highest rated show in PBS history at that time. As a lighting designer, his best known work was seen in “Christmas Is Coming”, a holiday special featuring Rob Mathes, Vanessa Williams, Ossie Davis, Michael MacDonald and David Sanborn.

His corporate productions included a transglobal production for Praxair, with photography in China, Spain and across the US. Work for humanitarian agency “AmeriCares” took him to Ethiopia just after a military coup had stabilized their long fought civil war.

In the live production environment, he has staged numerous concerts and large-scale events for thousands of spectators, many on Disney property in Orlando, Florida. As an editor, his clients included commercial editorial for CBS and FOX television stations as well as a series of projects for musician and recording artist “Yanni”.

Although he is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Hartford, he fondly remembers his time on the hills of Lehigh University.

Remo DeNardo — Remo DeNardo is both an Editor and Audio Engineer.  Remo’s work has been featured in a number of television programs, such as the high-def production “60’s Pop Rock Reunion”, the Pop Legends Live! DVD series, Yanni’s “Decade of Excellence” and the Jack Paar “As I Was Saying…” American Master’s Special aired on PBS. His video editing projects includes the film-originated Gray's Sporting Journal for OLN, for which he also travelled with recorder and boom over his shoulder to capture the audio of the hunt.

Remo has done substantial work on live audio events, including satellite uplinks, Live to Tape events and conventions and User Group meetings like Lawson Software and Gartner.

Shawn Neilsen — Shawn Neilsen has an extensive background in electronic entertainment delivery systems. His editorial skills as an assistant editor and his media management skills contribute substantially to the smooth operation of the company’s day-to-day operations. Shawn has also been training in Steadicam movement, and supervises location prompter operation.

In his spare time he attempts to be at every Mighty Mighty BossToneS show from New Jersey to New Hampshire. At current date he’s been to 27 shows in the past 3 years. When he’s not there he’s off pretending to be someone else in the improvisational horror game in White Wolf Game Studio’s “Mind’s Eye Theatre.” He is also an avid video gamer, and knows all there is to know about videogames. Really. Just ask him.


The staff at Alliance have a combined 40 years of production and post-production experience. Our handiwork has been on national television for years. We have the in-house resources for multi-camera shoots, edit the same across our suites with shared storage, create graphics and finish your project on time and in budget. Whether you need a shoot package, a room with an editorial view, or a carefully encoded web video or Blu-ray, we have what you need. At Alliance Video and Post, our desire is to provide you with helpful solutions for your production and editorial needs. Browse our site for more information, and if you have any questions or would like to speak with one of us, please e-mail us at or just ring us at 203 325-1190. 


"This trio of partners has been in the business for so long that it’s weird to write only the fifth review! I’ve known and worked with them on projects for about seven years now, and they are the most honest and reliable people you can find.”...Google Reviewer